Our Story

The Port House

Opened first in 2006 we realised we had something special in our little cave on South William Street in Dublin 2! Twelve months later, we opened another little cave in Temple Bar and our third in a cottage in Dundrum Town Centre’s Pembrook District.

After three successful restaurants and seven years of hard work and saving our pocket money, we decided we were grown up enough to hit London in search of fame and fortune down the West End of Covent Garden, where we hope to get a small bit part alongside Jude Law!

In 2019, we announced that we opened our fifth location in Camden Street, Dublin 2. This is an incredibly diverse area that gives us the opportunity to present our tapas, ports and wines with a focus on Cava that does not receive the attention it deserves.


Wine Sourcing

Since the initial concept of the restaurant, providing our own source of wine was key. This allows us to control quality, to buy from small producers across Spain and Portugal cutting out the middle man to give value to our customers.

From our own Albariño to La Rioja and Navarra these lovely wines are lovingly sourced by lovely people for your enjoyment! Can you feel the love?

Wines & Sherries

Given our name, you would be surprised at the limited availability of Port variety in this country. This is a factor we are trying to change. Our 2013 port mission to Porto (actually it was a piss up for Lee’s 40th) involved house untried and no vintage untested! Now with our new friends that we made in Porto, we bring to you our carefully and well sampled collection!! From the smallest Port House, Kopke, to the upstarts of Niepoort and Churchills to the grandiose grand daddy’s of Grahams and Warres.


Our food sourcing is something we take very seriously. We have literally met what you are eating! Our acorn fed Iberian pigs grazed in open woodland in Extremadura which contribute to the wonderful flavours you will experience in our jamon Ibericos, chorizo and lomo meats.

From Northern Spain, black pudding and txistorras are hand-made in La Rioja and Alavesa regions. Our cheeses range from manchego to garrotxa, a semi cured goat’s cheese to the wonderful warm flavours of our picos de europa blue cheese.